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Despite posing challenges for both teachers and students, e-Learning, the newest generation of education, is already putting on a good show. While teachers must devote significant time and effort to developing teaching, students must acquire technical skills in order to decode course content. We at Linkwell Systems are discussing below the five typical difficulties that students experience in e-Learning programmes that must be addressed by appropriate efforts for the students’ long-term benefitWhile e-learning has emerged as the largest saviour in the aftermath of educational establishment closures, it has also brought with it its own set of problems.

  • Adaptability Struggle – Students’ learning experiences are completely different when they go from conventional teaching and face-to-face teacher instruction to computer-based training in an online course. Their aversion to change prevents them from adapting to the online learning environment, whilst getting used to Course Management Systems (CMS) and computer-based teaching techniques takes time.
  • Technical Difficulties – Many students are unable to keep up with their virtual peers due to a lack of sufficient bandwidth or a robust internet connection required for online courses. Their lack of good laptops or PCs make it difficult to follow the Course Management System, which makes their learning experience difficult.
  • Lack of Digital Literacy – Despite the fact that kids are typically tech aware and therefore capable of managing computers, computer literacy is a big concern among today’s students. Many of them are unable to use basic applications like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, and so are unable to manage their data. However, platforms like Udemy have courses that help in developing the basic skills needed.
  • Time Management Skills –  Online courses demand a lot of time and hard effort, therefore time management is a challenging problem for e-Learners. Furthermore, while most people prefer web-based learning programmes because of their flexibility in terms of location and time, they seldom have the time to complete the courses owing to their numerous daily obligations.
  • Self-Motivation – Self-motivation is an important aspect of e-Learning, yet many online students, to their surprise, lack it. Many students fall behind after enrolling in remote learning courses and consider abandoning up because the challenges of navigating a technical medium appear overwhelming.

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